1.What kind of Classes are there in the game?
And which are their features?
Mage: A Mage has many ways to control the battlefield, from summoning meteors to crashing enemies to swiftly restoring health to injured allies.
Warrior: Warrior is a melee class, capable of serving as either a ferocious attacker or a stalwart defense.

2. What Privileges has a VIP player?
VIP Privileges: EXP Bonus, Daily Exclusive VIP Pack, Exclusive VIP Level Pack, extra Stamina purchase chances, extra Transmutations, exclusive VIP teams, Monthly Card Warehouse, extra Friends limit, Runes Quick Pray, free Transmutation, extra Arena limit, Teleportation in map and VIP Guild.

3. What is the Monthly Card?
Monthly Card requires $4.99.Monthly Card Privileges: 500 VIP EXP, Warehouse and exclusive Title. Daily Rewards: Diamond x50, Stamina Potion (S) x2, Goddess Power x500 and Gold Sack x10.

4. What should I do if I don''t receive a Recharge or I need support?
You can click "Support" on the left menu bar of the game to contact our customer service.

5. How do I get a Hero?
How I choose a Hero?
Players can summon Heroes in the Valhalla. You will need a Hero Pact or Improved Hero Pact. Using an Improved Hero Pact will give you a greater chance of summoning high quality Heroes.
Each Hero has different looks, Attributes, and Skills.
Heroes are divided into 6 Classes:Archer, Knight, Priest, Mega, Assassin, Tank.
Features of each Class:
a.Archer: High attack power, can deal a lot of physical damage and cause debuff effects to the enemy.
b.Knight: Not only can it cause considerable damage to the enemy, but it also brings an impressive defense and health.
c.Priest: Helps your allies to heal and it gives them buffs.
d.Mega: Deals great Magic damage to the target area and also cause debuff effects to the enemy.
e.Assassin: High Burst, but low Health and Defense.
f.Tank: Low Attack, but high Health and Defense, can protect queuing allies.

6. What is Campaign Dungeon?
The Campaign Dungeon level depends on the character level. Complete Campaign Dungeon to obtain Hero Pact, EXP, Hero Card, Gold, etc. Hero Cards can be used to summon Heroes and increase Stars.

7. What is Raid?
Players can Parties or join other people''s Parties. Players can only get rewards 2 times per day. Rewards are based on the difficulty of the Raid. Raid allows to team up across servers.

8. What is Resource Dungeon?
Resource Dungeon includes: Hero Dungeon, Mount Dungeon, Goddess Dungeon, Warsoul Dungeon, Holy Wings Dungeon, Talisman Dungeon and Relic Dungeon. Players can obtain different resources from different dungeons to increase Battle Rating.

9. What is a Mount?
How to get a Mount?
Your Mounts will increase Attributes. You can also Equip a Mount to increase speed on the map. Mounts can be obtained from Quests. Players can obtain Beast Spirit Stones from Mount Dungeon to upgrade their Mounts. Mount Cards can be obtained from events and they allow you to change your Mount’s appearance.

10. What is Goddess?
Goddess will fight side by side with players. Goddess Skills can deal great damage to your enemies. Obtain Goddess Power from the Goddess Dungeon to upgrade the Goddess.

11. What are Holy Wings?
Holy Wings will increase Attributes. Players can obtain Holy Feather from the Holy Wings Dungeon and upgrade the Holy Wings. Different Holy Wings level will have different appearance. Some very special appearance can be obtained from events.

12. What is an Relic?
Relic will greatly increase Battle Rating. Relic Skills are very useful, you can use them to: improving character’s attributes, reducing enemies’ attributes, and immediately reviving when killed.

13. What is Trial?
Trial includes: Crypt and Awakening Dungeon. You can Challenge Crypt to obtain Star Dust and upgrade the Runes. Challenge the Awakening Dungeon to obtain Awakening Stones and use them to improve Awakening level. Successfully challenged stages in Trial can be Quick Cleared once every day.

14. What is Rune?
Rune provides you special Stats and BR bonuses. Rune is divided into 5 different qualities: Common. Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Higher levels have better Attributes and cooler appearance. Spend Gold or Prayer Notes to Pray for Rune. Players can equip their characters and Heroes with multiple Runes.

15. What is Awakening?
Awaken can increase Battle Rating. Spend Awakening Stones and improve your Awakening level. Awakened Ability can deal several damage to enemies.

16. What are Gems?
How to obtain Gems?
Players can Socket Gems on equipment to increase the Battle Rating. Gems are divided into 7 types: Attack Gem, Defense Gem, Health Gem, Crit Gem, Resilience Gem, Pierce Gem, and Block Gem. Different Gems have the power to increase different Attributes. Gems can be obtained from the Gem Blitz.

17. How to obtain Gold?
Complete Campaign Dungeon, Resource Dungeon, Trial, Raid, main Quests, Branch Quests and Daily Quests. Players can also obtain their Gold from Transmutation, Mine, Colosseum, monsters, etc.

18. How to upgrade quickly?
Complete as many main Quests as you can, also try the Branch Quests and Daily Quests. Use the Abyssal Tome to gain double EXP while challenging Crypt. Challenge the Campaign Dungeon or kill monsters. Remember to use your Stamina Potion to restore Stamina.