Eternal Fury Background Story

The origin

In the beginning, there were chaos and the titans. As time passed, the titans not only d gods and the giants, but also granted them wisdom and strength. The titans, gods and giants built the divine realm, the underworld and the human world together. The Titans turned themselves into Yggdrasil to support those 3 worlds, thus giving them life and creating all kinds of creatures. Ever since then, all gods and giants live in the divine realm. The undead and demons live in the underworld. The rest live in the human world.


Hel’s plan

One of the gods, Hel, decided to take over
the underworld. She granted underworld creatures wisdom and improved their life. Guided by Hel, all creatures in the underworld prospered. However, demons crave war, so all kinds of conflicts arose constantly in the underworld. But Hel was a fair ruler. But every time Hel went to the divine realm for a while, the underworld became plagued with war and death. She soon realized the underworld needed more than what they have if they wanted to live in peace. So Hel decided to take over the divine realm.

Her plan was to sneak her devil troops through the human world, thus passing the gates of the divine realm undetected. She then made a plan to imprison all other gods and giants.

The battle between gods and the giants

Gods and giants by nature do not get along. After the Titans disappeared, the conflict between gods and giants escalated quickly. The war between them completely broke out after Loki killed a giant. This war lasted for months and many gods and giants died. Then both parties stopped fighting and started talking for peace to prevent genocide. They agreed to divide the divine realm into 2 parts. All gods and giants welcomed Hel when she came to the divine realm, because she remained neutral in the war.

The underworld gate

The underworld gate has only opened twice in history. The first time it opened, the order of the Templar Knights found it. Hel quickly closed it before the Templars could sneak into her world.
50 years later, it opened again... Hel sent undead and demon troops to the human world to chaos and havoc in order to distract the gods from her real plan. But the 5 great kingdoms of the human world fought together. Hel took advantage of the distraction and sent her must cunning demon troops to the divine realm. She wanted to rule the divine realm and imprison all gods and giants.
But the God of Wisdom saw through her distraction. The God of Wisdom told the God of Light that Hel may want to take the Divine Realm and they decided to inform Odin. On their way to Gladsheim, many underworld soldiers stood in their way. Thanks to the help of the army of Divine Soldiers, they finally made it to the Bifrost. Unluckily, the Underworld Devil ambushedthem there and injured the God of Wisdom terribly. But The God of Light killed the Underworld Devil, saving the God of Wisdom. Then he sealed the God of Wisdom’s power and sent him to the human world so the underworld creatures may never find him.